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COMING Q4 2020 

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The ultimate Companion to enhance your Tabletop Gaming experience with original music and atmosphere 

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Easy to Use





Fully Integrated
Audio System

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Home Screen/Thematic Sets

This is the Home Screen. On this screen you will see all the Thematic Sets you own and custom Thematic Sets you've created. A Thematic Set is a set of Music Banks, which include Themes & Story Beats, Locations and Boss Battles of a particular genre (Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Horror etc.) though with the custom sets, you can mix and match genre.

Music Banks

As mentioned above, there are 3 distinct types of Music Banks
As the name suggests, a set will contain multiple locations typically found in the genre you're in, so for Fantasy we would typically see locations such as towns, dungeons, forests etc. 

Boss Battles
These banks are reserved for the epic and dangerous encounters typically known in the video game world as "boss battles". Here you will find specialised encounters with appropriately large sounding music to fit the gravity of the encounter. Each Boss Battle track will contain variations including winning and losing. 

Themes & Story Beats
This Music Bank is reserved for the moment where an important story beat or moment is happening. This could be an Exposition/Epilogue of Doom or Triumph, or perhaps simply a Major Success theme. 


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Track List/Music Player

For this app we have decided to split music and atmospheric moods into 4 categories
Very minimal amounts of music (controllable with the Mood/Intensity Slider) and contains more SFX and natural ambience
Exploration (Locations only)
Typical exploration music that will fit the location you have chosen 
Danger  (Locations only)
This is the moment where the players are in danger - perhaps a nearby troll is searching for them, or their attempts at disguise are starting to fail. 
This is the moment where perhaps the players have been found or their attempts at clever ruse has failed. 

Atmosphere and Exploration are linked with a the Mood/Intensity slider as are Danger and Encounter. 

We are a 3 person team here at OST so if you'd like to contribute, feel free to leave a donation of however much you choose.

Any amount will be extremely appreciated!

Every donation will go towards the marketing and development of the app.

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Simple and Easy to use

Slick and responsive UI that is simple to navigate

Fully mixed and balanced audio

Highly Adaptable

Switch between different scenarios with ease

Alter the mood and intensity with one slider

Use the Intro and Outro stings to create more immersive transitions

Fully Integrated Audio System

State-of-the-art Audio Integration System

Seamless Transitions Between Intensity levels, Moods and Tracks

Expansive Collection of Genres and Scenarios

Genres including Fantasy, Lovecraft Horror, Cyberpunk and more

Sets include various locations, moods, encounters and a speciality 'Theme's and Story Beats' Bank for the special moments 


Personalise your Companion by curating your own list of music 

More packs will be made available to purchase and add to collection

100% Custom Music

Custom made specifically for the Companion from Grand Prize Big Fuzz, an artist with over 10 years of music experience and adaptive music knowledge


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The Team

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Music Artist

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